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“…No one was able to show me, exactly why philosophy is so good that it deserve such privileges. When I wanted to see great philosophical works comparable with great works of science, I never received a material object that made people’s lives esier or a description of amazing producers or an impressive device. Invariably I was instead directed to a text that was supposed to contain great, but completely theoretical contibutions. And as a rule these texts turned out to be complicated and boring (not always, but quite frequently) and often in conflict with either other texts of the same (attributed) value, scientific discoveries, or even with themselves. When I found ceratin conclusions weak and demanded material, experemental evidence, a great verbal flood of explanation crashed into me, the words of which were just as complex and just as unstable as the ones they were supposed to defend. Of course I soon found out that with some practice I too could produce such a flood even at time when I had nothing special to say and I often amused my friends by searching „philosophical“ implications in ordinary objects or by applying theories of art history to newspaper articles or popular literature.

This has led me tp believe that the world of philosophy is something that is not based on its actual usefulness or necessity, but originates mainly from the aggressiveness of its authors, the efffect of the emperor’s new clothes and the resulting denial of any criticism of this field.”

Jure Aleksejev, from the introduction

Jure Aleksejev was born in 1992 in Maribor, Slovenia. In high school he adopted writing as one of his hobbies and received severalawards for his essays and articles. In 2011 he publiished a collection of his essay titled A Handful of Essays under Frontier book label which earned him a degree of public recognition.

He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maribor. He is taking great interest in railway history and history of science and technology in general.

Information and order (link)

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