Nina Kolenc: JOURNEY– Reflections on Basketball and Life

In English, 64 pages, published in 2013

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Nina Kolenc: JOURNEY– Reflections on Basketball and Life

The book takes us on a journey through basketball and life through four quarters (four chapters). It is composed as a basketball and life game – in the introduction it builds the game, warms us up (the beginning of the journey, mentors, changes in the rules of life, the global market…) and prepares us for further reflections on the game (struggle and persistence, creativity, competence and wisdom, individuality, strategy…), then begins to present, learn about and explain individual parts of the game (national consciousness, leading oneself and leading others, collective spirit, ability to empathize, success and failure, career path, “sharing and giving”… ) and prepare the final message (hidden in the fifth chapter – in you, the readers, i.e. getting to know yourself and in the message that we too can be number 23), which will depend partly on me and partly on you. The reader gets to know the world of basketball and life through 22 reflections such as: In the beginning, everything is white; Transfer of knowledge to the mentor; Vivaldi, cycle 12 and basketball; The Art of the First Step; Free throw; The impossible is possible; “He who helps best gains most”; Uniform on the outside, different on the inside, Liveliness of figures from A to Z; “Panta rhei” and counter; The biggest ones missed many times, etc.


This book is interesting reading that can be of use to teachers, educators and coaches an can make every reader think … My compliments for your thoughts and effort. The book will certainly be appreciated not only in basketball world, but also wider.

— IVO DANEU, member of the FIBA Hall of Fame, captain for the Yugoslavian National Team ‒ Ljubljana 1970 world champion.

And every one that thinks or feels the same is my friend, even though we maybe don’t know each other and we haven’t met. Nina and I will certainly meet since her book shows we have many things in common. ..I am certain that your book will be read by many, not only basketball lovers.

— PETER VILFAN, world champion in Manila 1978, captain for the first National Team in an independent Slovenia.

Her invitation to the reader is original, she encourages the reader to try themselves how much thoughts they give to basketball, life and themselves.

— FRANE ERČULJ, Basketball Department at the Faculty of Sports, president of the Coaches Council at the Slovenian Basketball Coaches Association.

Every single chapter is a world itself, discussing a part of life, reflection, feelings and attitude towards nature and people … Without doubt, sport today is one of the most important activities of the young people and encourages development of most positive characteristics needed to build up a man of strong personality. 

— ANDREJ STARE, physician, sports commentator and writer in Slovenia.

Information and order (link)

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