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An interesting story about a student from Sremski Karlovci who comes to Belgrade to study but soon discovers a completely new world and leaps into realizing his dreams – one of which is starting a band. The road to making his dreams come true is paved with various events, most of them involving sex, drugs and rock ‘n! roll

Thus, the book arouses an inner conflict in the reader, leaving him with questions such as: Are these my thoughts? Is what I am thinking about actually what  I am thinking about? Why am I doing all of this when, im fact, I want something else?

Book review by Branimir Lokner


In 2016, Ivan Bajovic wrote The Rock ‘n’ Roll Playbook, an appealing work that the author published and sold on his own.

The novel tells the story of a small-town student who comes to Belgrade to go to college. There, he experiences many things that represent the reality of society and its members: members, big-city life, encounters with rock ‘n’ roll, drugs, low-life friends, and sexual experiences. In Bajke’s story, there is neither alterification nor editings his simple but frank storytelling depicts the actual state of mind and soul of the protagonist, who is trying to find his place in this world. The author’s main character is a fighter seeking not only success but also his own identity, for which the rule of thumb is ‘happiness is out there – meaning that happiness is abroad, far from the uncertain surroundings of the chaotic reality in which he lives.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Playbook is a light and quick read but its concept and imagery are not easy to absorb – precisely due to the abovementioned adequately captured reality.

Bojan Uzelac – the author of the novels Radioactive
 Mosquito – The Sting of Freedom and Extra


Information and order (link)

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